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Y'all should make a hoodie




nah but really that’s been in the works for a while, it was too late in the winter when we decided to try last time though. it’s getting colder now though….

I fucking love these guys and am debating making this

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I’m awake

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My Fictions - “Parking Lot”

Finally, I got the courage to speak up today.
It was a whisper, but it was a sound – an effort –
Which is more than I can say for you.

I’m sick of watching this house ruin your life.
There’s too many memories you can’t move from.
Too many drugs.
You can’t move on, but can I blame you?
How could I blame you?
I don’t want to.

If I didn’t watch her die from innocent eyes
Just know that I’d be motionless too, and I’m emotionless, too.
But why stay?
What’s 20 years?
What’s one more day?

Just know I fear how this house ruined you would ruin me too.
So I made a pact today.
I hugged you goodbye
And I told you “to get your shit together”
And I left that house for good.

Now I’m driving around my hometown,
One hand on the wheel, the other on my phone,
Writing this all down because it’s the only way I can right now.
Because the feeling will stick around,
But the truth is I’ve got no one else to tell this to.

I’m looking back at what I first wrote –
“I almost stopped to write this down” –
I’m a liar, I’m in a parking lot right now.
Christmas Eve, wishing things were different.
I’m a liar.
I’m not coming home.

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Flesh + Dalmatian spots// lazybonesillustrationsdrawn in MS Paint